Hey All! JP here!

Who am I?

I’m an Deaf Entrepreneur and I’ve just started an entrepreneurship journey back in February, actually the journey started much earlier than that but I got my LLC in February so lets go with that. I am still a full-time employee at a manufacturing plant at this point in time, After getting a MBA degree and trying to expand my abilities I learned there is a entire world out there and opportunities that are unique as long you make your own path.

What Challenges do I face?

I face a unique challenge in the world of Business, I was born Deaf. There is some barriers to entry, but that is just more fun and problems for me to solve. All the other Challenges are no different than a regular entrepreneur trying to make his way to the top!

Arra Development

As of now, my business is Arra Development and we offer a range of web marketing services from web design, development, and marketing. We also offer google ad-words. This is only one part of my business, I usually build websites for others, but in my downtime I build websites that generate passive income for myself. I am still new to this front and will be applying the different things I’ve been learning on a regular basis and will be sharing my recent findings on here.

I hope to be as transparent as possible with my methods and strategies, I’ve gone through a massive learning curve over the past few months when it comes to my business and sales. I’m also expanding my abilities and ventures to try to bring in more money. The internet is an amazing place that you can meet a number of people, take a good variety of courses, and build your skills from home.

I will let you know my goals, revenue, different tools that I use, courses that I’ve taken and maybe with reviews.

I look forward to sharing my journey, challenges and future opportunities with you.

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