JP here… Busy Busy Busy. Its funny the more busier I get the less time I spend time reading about others being busy and dreaming about it. I just thought it was time for me to update with whats going on with my journey.

Massive change this month. I closed one more sale for almost $3,500 for a well known connection in a major city so this is a client that will get me more high profile clients so I’m looking forward to that.

The funny thing is that’s not what I’m excited about. I’m excited about a new idea I’m working on. As the people who have been reading this thread all know I deal with the challenges of cold calling and prospecting due to the limitations I have with me being deaf.

So trying to come up with a solution I got in touch with some sign language interpreters that was interested in making some extra cash. I came up with an option that I can train them with all of the different sales techniques and strategies that I’ve learned over the past year. My thought process is that if I’m able to make regular sales with the obstacles I face, if I’m able to train them properly they should have some success. Then if they get an appointment they can easily facilitate you the conversation between myself and the client while they’re on a headset and speaking to me and doing the exact thing they’re trained to do as translators and communication experts. Now the thought I had was that I cannot be the only deaf business out there that can benefit from this, so this might be a decent idea if it works.

Another thing, I’ve been making videos and sharing my knowledge with the new sales people and I might be open to moving them to youtube and appeal to the ASL audience to share what I know about sales and business. I know I’m not an expert but we all gotta start somewhere!